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Packaging research:
an opportunity for small business

In order for small and medium-sized companies to keep up with international competition, know-how and technology must be constantly developed. Every successfully implemented project closes a knowledge gap.


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However, research and development projects are often expensive and time-consuming. There are numerous bureaucratic hurdles before accessing public funding. Don’t shy away from the effort: It’s worth it when an answer to a pressing question for you has been found at the end.

Research projects via BFSV e.V. offer companies in the packaging industry a real opportunity. Because we know the way through the “funding jungle”. This page invites you to browse through our already found answers and completed research projects. However, the page is not conclusive, because: there is always something to research!

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Preform transport

Standardized packaging and transport systems for the logistics of highly sensitive textiles.

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Wooden packaging material

Determine the optimum dimensions and properties for load-bearing box elements.

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Icon für Korrosion
Corrosion protection

On our computer-controlled test stand, sample sheets undergo 15 dewing cycles.

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Unit loads

The securing of individual load units is often oversized. It can be done much more economically.

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Icon für Schimmel
Mold prevention

Development of a generally applicable avoidance strategy (GMP-Good Manufacturing Practice).

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Store frozen goods

Testing the effectiveness of different insulation systems on different frozen products.

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Packaging test

Appropriate packaging helps prevent damage in transit and saves cash and resources.

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Corrugated board

Corrugated board is indispensable, yet its performance is often not directly apparent.

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Our network for your research projects

Through the German Research Association for Packaging, Waste Disposal and Environmental Technology, we are a member of the German Federation of Industrial Research Associations (AIF). Through this innovation network, research projects of small companies can also be supported with funds from the German Federal Ministry of Economics (BMWi).
  • Network advantages:
    In the AIF, the FSO is in contact with over 100 research associations.
  • Practice-oriented research:
    Over 50,000 companies are involved in the AIF network. This guarantees the practical relevance of the research projects.
  • Grown competence:
    27 research projects in the BFSV have already been funded by the AIF and the BMWi.
  • Always on the ball:
    New research projects are constantly initiated by our member companies.

Current research projects:

We are currently working on the development of packaging and transport solutions for textile 3D preforms. These components include, for example, fiber-reinforced plastics (FRP), such as those used in passenger compartments in cars. Our research partner is the Institute of Textile Technology (ITA) at the Rheinisch-Westfälische Technische Hochschule (RWTH) Aachen.
Until now, there have been non-standardized, specific and provisional isolated solutions for the logistics of preforms, which are not adapted to the value chain from preform production to the FRP component. The economical production of lightweight FRP structures while maintaining the required quality standards in the quantities needed in the future is not possible in this way. The aim is therefore to develop standardized packaging and transport systems for the external and internal logistics of preforms, which enable transport in compliance with industrially required quality standards, with the involvement of small and medium-sized enterprises.
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