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Containers are indispensable in the international transport of goods. As standardized transport containers, they are ideal for road, rail and sea transport. Thanks to their standardized steel construction, they can be gripped, lifted and moved. The cargo often remains in the highly stable, watertight container for weeks.

While hardly anything can happen to it on the outside, all sorts of things happen on the inside, because 20′ and 40′ ISO standard containers are closed, unventilated systems. Inside, the cargo is exposed to considerable climatic stresses.

The causes are water-binding packaging materials, fluctuating outside temperatures, sun, wind and rain. they can cause considerable moisture damage. Added to this are transport and cargo handling stresses.

This makes professional container stowage and load securing all the more important. In the BFSV seminar, you will therefore learn how to pack, pack and secure goods in different containers so that the goods can be transported by truck, freight train or container ship without damage.

Container richtig beladen und stauen mit Gabelstabler
Load and stow containers correctly
Learning Objective:

Pack containers correctly

In the BFSV day seminar, you will learn about and apply the measures required for safe and proper container transport of folding boxes and wooden crates.

Seminar content

  • Transport, handling and storage (TUL) loads according to the CTU Code
  • Climatic corrosion protection for technical packaged goods during container shipping
  • Container-compatible packaging made of wood and corrugated board
  • Loading units and dimensional modules in the ISO standard container
  • ISO standard containers: construction types and strengths
  • Load securing in the container
  • Stresses in the container (microclimate) and container drying
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Speaker lecture with participant interaction and lab demonstration.
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You will benefit from the BFSV Container Seminar because at the end of the day you will know:

  • which loads act on packages during transport in containers (combined transports)
  • which technical and climatic properties ISO standard containers have
  • how to design packaging that is suitable for the stresses
  • how to secure shipments with adapted load securing according to the new CTU Code
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Group of participants
The BFSV training course on packing and securing container loads primarily serves employees in packing companies and packing departments. The knowledge acquired here benefits everyone who packs goods for export themselves or has them packed and loaded.
In addition, we address packaging planners who have to develop and calculate packaging suitable for containers. For them, as for warehouse keepers and exporters, the focus on TUL and container climate is significant.


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Dates 2024

Packaging, packing and securing in container


For the time being, no further seminar dates are planned for this seminar in 2024.

Inhouse training

We also offer the seminar as an in-house training. For further information please contact us.


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