Seminar: securing loads in trucks and vans

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In the transport industry, expert load securing is elementary, otherwise there is a risk of transport damage, sometimes serious traffic accidents with personal injury. For this reason, everyone who transports goods is responsible for securing them.
Shipping and transport companies should therefore have responsible employees trained in load securing. Since 2009, a load securing certificate has been mandatory for drivers of road vehicles with a total weight of 3.5 t or more.
Unsachgemäße Ladungssicherung im Container
Improper load securing
Learning Objective:

Load Securing

In the load securing in-house training, you will learn how to secure and lash loads correctly. You will acquire the necessary legal and physical basics as well as all requirements for the transport vehicle.

At the end of the BFSV load securing training, you will know the different types of cargo and their properties, so that you can implement load securing measures professionally in your daily loading practice.

Load securing according to VDI 2700

With the VDI 2700 ff guidelines on load securing, the Association of German Engineers (VDI) provides comprehensive guidance on the basis of which different types of cargo and packages should be secured. The BFSV load securing training according to VDI 2700 implements these guidelines in theory and practice. Here, participants learn how to secure goods, load units and bulk cargo on truck beds in such a way that they can withstand the mechanical and dynamic loads in road traffic.

Load securing In-house Training

We don’t just have trucks in mind, because there are more and more sprinters on our roads. Since vans are repacked daily and often in a hurry, load securing knowledge is also required here. Our 1-day training is therefore ideal for logistics companies and parcel services. Load securing as in-house training trains employees and loading teams directly on site.

Seminar content

  • Legal basics: road traffic regulations, rules of professional associations, penal code
  • Physical basics: force, mass, weight, acceleration
  • Friction: static friction, sliding friction
  • Vehicles: structure, stability, lashing points, code L, code XL
  • Load distribution plan: Background, axle loading, calculation principles
  • Types of load securing: tie-down lashing, direct lashing, tight fit
  • Protection against tipping: Moment calculation
  • Lashing means: belts, chains, wires
  • Other LaSi means: locking beams, wedges, air cushions

Attention: an in-house training as VDI 2700 instruction always lasts two days! Accordingly, the contents are addressed in detail. The training concludes with a knowledge test, at the end a training certificate is issued. Please also read the VDI 2700 training program.

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  • Lecture in words and pictures
  • Discussion based on everyday examples and problem situations
  • Practical exercises and demonstrations on the vehicle
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You will learn in this seminar…

  • how the physics of driving affect your cargo
  • how to calculate lashing forces and load your goods correctly
  • what types of load securing are approved
  • which LaSi means are suitable for which situation
  • What you should know about the vehicle body and its stability
  • What is particularly important when securing loads in vans
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Group of participants
The workshop is aimed at drivers, vehicle owners, transport companies, parcel delivery companies, service drivers, loadmasters, shippers, fleet managers and all persons responsible for load securing.


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Dates 2024

Load securing in trucks and transports


For the time being, no further seminar dates are planned for this seminar in 2024.

Inhouse training

We also offer the seminar as an in-house training. For further information please contact us.


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