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Packaging is a matter of course for us, because products cannot be transported, stored or sold without primary, secondary and transport packaging. Everyone who produces, moves or sells goods has more or less to do with packaging.
Knowledge of individual packaging materials, packaging materials and their production is elementary for (lateral) entrants to the packaging industry. In addition, the basics of packaging technology are relevant for anyone whose type of packaging is intended to ensure the safe transport of goods.
Wellpappeschachtel im Falltest
Corrugated cardboard box in drop test
Learning Objective:

basic knowledge of packaging

Acquire a basic knowledge of the most important packaging materials, their technical terminology, techniques and test methods here. In addition to the theoretical 1×1 of packaging, you will see in our test laboratories what packaging must withstand in practice. In this way, you will acquire a basic toolkit for selecting and using packaging materials in a professional manner. In the future, you will be able to better protect products from transport and storage stresses.

Seminar content

  • Tasks and functions of packaging
  • Packaging terminology: basic concepts of packaging technology and packaging production
  • Properties of packaging materials and packaging materials (paper, cardboard, corrugated cardboard, plastics, glass and metal)
  • Effects of transport, handling and storage loads Packaging testing according to ISTA 1-4
  • Sustainability in packaging
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The theory includes an expert lecture in words and pictures. The selection of the main topics is based on the interests of our participants. The practical part consists of demonstration experiments in the laboratory.

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You will get an overview of the most important topics around packaging and acquire basic knowledge about packaging testing. If you have problems with packaging in your daily work, then ask our expert. He will help and advise you first hand!

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Group of participants

The seminar is aimed at employees, newcomers in positions in packaging (development, purchasing, product management, marketing, transport).


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Thursday, 07.09.2023

Basic knowledge of packaging

Duration: 09:00-16:30 hrs

Ulmenliet 20, 21033 Hamburg

Take part fee: 450,00€ plus 7% VAT (incl. seminar documents, certificate of participation and catering)

Thursday, 21.09.2023

Basic knowledge of packaging

Duration: 09:00-16:30 hrs

Ulmenliet 20, 21033 Hamburg

Take part fee: 450,00€ plus 7% VAT (incl. seminar documents, certificate of participation and catering)

Inhouse training

We also offer the seminar as an in-house training. For further information please contact us.


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