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Products encounter a variety of environmental influences on their way from the production site to their final destination: shocks, vibrations, heat, cold. Your packaging solution should protect against all these stresses. We check that this is the case for you.
Every person is affected by the environment every day. Every product and every device, of course, as well. However, when it comes to products, the secondary packaging you choose should protect them as best as possible from these environmental influences. For sensitive devices, fragile goods or high-quality consumer goods, a transport simulation is worthwhile in any case.

The various transport simulations used to test the packaging solution in our laboratory are worldwide recognized and certified. With an environmental simulation in the laboratory, we imitate Siberian cold as well as warm and humid tropical climates. This is the acid test for the materials and devices. With the help of standardized test procedures (e.g. according to DIN EN 60068-2-X), we can test whether your product or your packaging solution meets the requirements before it is used: this can be specifications from your customer’s specifications or legal regulations. The parameters we use for testing are defined by the product standards from the most diverse areas of application.

Icon für Schockprüfung
Shock test
Shocks can be caused by potholes or when trains are coupled together.

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Icon für mechanische Prüfung
Simulation of possible transport damage: stack pressure, shocks, vibrations, impacts, etc.

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Icon für Vibrationsprüfung
Vibrations can damage products and packaging, even if their effect is minimal.

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Icon für Ladeeinheiten
Unit loads
Test procedure to determine whether the loading units selected by the customer can withstand the transport loads.

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Icon für klimatische Prüfung
Heat, cold, humidity. Only hot? Only cold? Or all mixed up? We simulate from the Arctic to the tropics.

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Icon für Packstücke
The test samples that reach our laboratory could not be more different. We test all packages.

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Icon für Falltest
Drop test
You know it: Someone drops your package on the floor. Is the product in the secondary packaging intact?

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Icon für Korrosionsschutz
The salt spray test is used to detect the smallest weak points in the coating of the metal.

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Karolina Behrens

Karolina Behrens

Head of Laboratory for Shipping Simulation

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Johanna Lipski
M. Sc.

Deputy Head of Laboratory for Shipping Simulation

040 / 5730 944 -26

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