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One risk factor in the transport of goods is corrosion. During their journey around the globe, containers often travel through several climate zones. In the process, fluctuating temperatures lead to condensation. Every year, companies incur considerable damage because their metal products start to rust.

To prevent this corrosion during storage and transport, two methods have proven effective:

  • a desiccant binds the water (desiccant method)
  • on the metal surface molecules accumulate (Volatile Corrosion
    Inhibitor), which inhibit corrosion processes (VCI method)
Vom BFSV entwickelter Prüfstand für VCI Korrosionsschutz
Test stand developed by BFSV for VCI corrosion protection

Corrosion protection test rig developed at BFSV

We have developed a computer-controlled test rig at the Institute for BFSV. Here, test sheets can undergo up to 15 different dewing cycles. For realistic testing, these sheets are provided, for example, with residues of deep-drawing oils or welding spots.

For specific tests, we also operate the test stand in a climate chamber. There, the environmental conditions can be adapted to a shipping method or route. This research work provides tailored results for VCI applications. In this way, BFSV’s R&D work lays the foundation for the targeted, safe and economical use of corrosion protection agents in practice.

Research Reports: What does our corrosion research do?

Research Report AIF 16045
Development of a prewrite for the design of VCI active ingredients in packaging for the corrosion protection of metallic products considering different occurring boundary conditions

Download PDF (German)

Short info AIF 12115
New possibility of testing vapor phase inhibitors (corrosion protection from the vapor phase – VCI) at the Institute for BFSV at HAW Hamburg

Download PDF (German)

Research Report AIF 14115
Read an excerpt from the accompanying research report, AIF No. 14115N, page 20:

“The test facility developed has enabled more objective evaluations to be made regarding the efficacy of VCI products by providing a high degree of reproducibility of results, thus also enabling comparability.” […]

“The objectives formulated in the AIF project AIF No. 14115N, with the investigations carried out, their results and conclusions, are an important step towards a user-related and thus more practical testing of VCI materials with regard to their protective effect.”

Download PDF (German)

Research Report AIF 12595
Determination of the behavior of closed systems for the preservation and value retention of technical packaged goods in the field of export packaging, depending on extreme climatic stresses.

Download PDF (German)

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