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Students have a wide range of options open to them. In which direction should it go? Product development, art, music, culture, agriculture, administrative activities? You don’t know yet either? That’s perfectly normal and part of growing up. This is precisely why we have decided to also offer students the opportunity to learn during a
internship can benefit from our wealth of knowledge. After all, we also offer different job profiles: Laboratory managers, warehouse specialists, test engineers, from professors to interns work for us.

We live and love diversity.

If you are a teacher: we will be happy to work out a concrete plan for your interested students.

8 reasons that speak for us as an employer
We are good at what we do and we enjoy it. But we can only succeed in our goal of protecting people, products and the environment if we work together: with a team of people who contribute their individual strengths and skills. We are curious, open and happy if you would like to accompany us a little on your way. Whether you are a student, a schoolgirl or a trained skilled worker or engineer. Join us in making packaging future-proof!
Icon für Familienorientiert
Family oriented

Good team performance starts with a good work-life balance. We know that your family is the center of your life.

Icon für Standort
Bergedorf location

Hamburg-Bergedorf scores: With lots of green, with tradition that meets modernity and with us! We feel at home here.

Icon für Karriereplanung
Career Planning

A career is not static, it evolves. We support you on the path you take.

Icon für Gesundheitsmanagement
Health Management

There’s a company run in Hamburg? Great, we’ll join in! We also offer company medical examinations.

Icon für Vergütung

We remunerate appropriately, fairly and rely on a comprehensible and transparent salary structure in all areas of our company.

Icon für Arbeitszeiten
Flexible working hours

Our offices are in Bergedorf, our mindset is flexible. This applies to both the working hours and the place of work.

Icon für gesunde Verpflegung
Healthy catering

Our cafeteria is excellent! It offers all kinds of healthy things to live well and work well. And yes, we also have a fruit basket in the office!

Icon für Arbeitsatmosphäre
Great working atmosphere

We love going to the office: the equipment is top-notch, we think we have fun colleagues, and best of all, our furgood manager Nouky is always with us.