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The BFSV seminars and training courses specifically address the growing demands on transport and end-of-line packaging. These constantly present companies with new challenges and thus also require new competencies. With targeted further training, you can face these challenges calmly.

At BFSV in Hamburg, we train employees and managers from the packaging industry, trade and logistics, and the insurance industry. Our packaging seminars cover the properties of packaging materials and packaging supplies, their transport and internationally applicable standards for export packaging.

Another focus is damage limitation. In the packaging training courses, we therefore impart experience-based knowledge about stresses during packaging, storage and transport. This knowledge can reduce delivery damage and thus avoid complaints.

Packaging manufacturers save costs as early as the packaging design stage. The BFSV Academy therefore offers software courses that can be used to calculate wooden pallets. In addition, we teach methods for calculating heavy goods boxes as well as statistical principles for quality control in packaging production.

Our Current Seminars:

Directly applicable knowledge presented in a compact and exciting way.

Basic knowledge packaging Part 1

Discover the world of packaging! Our seminar offers an exciting insight into packaging functions, terminology and materials such as paper, cardboard and corrugated board. Dive into the effects of transport and storage stresses and get an introduction to packaging testing according to ISTA and ASTM. We also offer a fascinating lab tour.

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Basic knowledge packaging Part 2

Discover the diversity of the packaging world in part 2 of our seminar! Learn more about plastics and bioplastics, glass and metal packaging as well as sustainability aspects. Immerse yourself in packaging law with selected European directives, regulations and German laws. Register now and deepen your knowledge in the field of packaging!

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Corrugated board packaging
Corrugated board is a packaging material that reacts to moisture in the air. Nevertheless, it is frequently used in ISO containers on long crossings. Selecting the right corrugated board grade for each container climate is what this seminar is all about.

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Construction of boxes and crates according to HPE and GDV
According to expert estimates, 5-10% of all insured damage to goods (approx. €300 and €600 million per year) is due to inadequate packaging. In order to avoid damage, it is essential to use packaging that is suitable for the stresses involved. In our seminar, you will learn how to design this packaging in accordance with GDV and HPE guidelines.

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Temporary corrosion protection in packaging technology

Rust damage always causes problems during transport or at the end customer. In order to actually avoid this preventable problem, we offer you concretely applicable knowledge on the topic of “effective corrosion protection methods” in this seminar.

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Food packaging
Food packaging must be hygienically perfect. Sustainable and appealing to the customer. All this with the help of all laws and regulations. You will learn how to ensure this in this seminar.

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Select wood for transport packaging and pallets safely
In this seminar, you will learn which wood types and qualities meet your individual needs. In addition, there is learning content on the topics of pallet repair, reuse and liability in the event of damage.

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Load Securing in Truck / Van
Cargo must be secured in a truck or van in such a way that it can withstand the mechanical and dynamic loads in road traffic. How this is correctly implemented, you will learn, both theoretically and practically, in this seminar.

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Packing, packing and securing in the container

Proper container stowage is essential to ensure that the goods survive the often long sea journey undamaged. In this seminar you will learn how to correctly stow, secure and pack the various goods (also for trucks and freight trains).

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Inhouse training
Practical and safe applicable knowledge for your whole team! We come to your premises and train on topics that move you. Our packaging experts will train you in a way that is tailored to your company.

Inhouse Trainings

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Our seminar program is already comprehensive. But before we consider it complete, we’d like to let you have your say: What packaging challenge is driving you and your team? And, can we support you with our expertise?

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Experience since 1954
Our knowledge of packaging, the knowledge of qualities, regulations and no-gos, has been established since 1954. But we don’t rest on our laurels; we continue to research, test thoroughly and talk about what we do. In the future, we will continue to focus on the essentials: Packaging.
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Own independent test laboratory

Our accredited research and testing laboratories at HAW Hamburg in Bergedorf enable us to work objectively. You benefit, too: In the practical part of the BFSV seminars, you get the opportunity to directly substantiate your theoretically acquired knowledge in practice.

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Individual trainings

The BFSV packaging training courses take place in small groups. This provides enough space for structured learning content and product-related questions. In addition, all aspects of the training topic are addressed in detail.

Who are BFSV packaging seminars aimed at?

To anyone who is affected by the topic of packaging knowledge in their daily work: For example, people who develop packaging, ship products, drive transporters. BFSV day seminars, software training courses and packaging training courses are therefore aimed at employees from various areas of the packaging industry, the mail order business and the logistics sector.
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  • Packaging service provider
  • Packaging planners
  • Loss adjusters
  • Transportation insurers
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  • Shipping & packing departments
  • Shippers, truck drivers & service drivers
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  • Marketing and purchasing staff
  • .

Where do the seminars take place?

BFSV Verpackungsinstitut Hamburg GmbH
at the HAW Hamburg, Campus Bergedorf
Ulmenliet 20
21033 Hamburg
BFSV Seminare an der HAW Hamburg
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We are listed in the Hamburg course portal WISY.
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