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Heat-insulating measures for food transports were the focus of another research project.

In doing so, we tested the effectiveness of various insulation systems on different frozen products designed to ensure an unbroken cold chain.

Forschung zu Verpackungen für Tiefkühlware: Wärmebild einer TK Verpackung
Thermal image of a frozen package

Avoid interruption of the cold chain

Compliance with the product temperature must be ensured from production to transfer to the retail refrigerated display cases. Often, however, the time from receipt of the goods to their transfer to the retail display refrigeration units proves to be a weak point in the closed cold chain. Here, unintentional interruptions of the cold chain can easily occur.

Research Report:

Research Report AIF 13308
Assuring the quality of frozen products during the residence times in the TUL process through controlled thermal insulation measures

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