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Experts estimate that unsuitable transport packaging causes costs of around half a billion euros every year. That is about 10 percent of all insured damage to goods. Around 70 percent of this transport damage can be avoided.

One way to get a grip on this damage is to use suitable packaging. Testing shipping packaging in the laboratory helps with this. In addition to German DIN standards, shippers today increasingly have to take into account the requirements of their customers abroad and also meet international testing standards.

Forschung zur Verpackungsprüfung / Versandsimulation: Schwingprüfanlage Unholz

Test the test: shipping simulation


Shipping simulation

Although the tests are supposed to simulate the same transport conditions, they work with different test durations and intensities. In addition, there is a lack of statements on the transport distance that could be used to compare the measurement results.

In the research project, a correlation between test duration and simulated transport distance could be established for certain test samples. This means that the test spectra of different standards can now be compared within a road category. Users can determine whether the test according to one standard also fulfills the test duration of a second standard. For example, if a test according to DIN EN ISO 13355 was performed over 60 minutes, this corresponds to a test duration of 80 minutes for ISTA 3E. This means that additional tests can be omitted.

Research Report:

Research Report AIF 17268 N
Analyses to determine the test duration for vibration tests of standardized test methods for the simulation of transport vibrations in road freight transport

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