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Health is the most important thing. For doctors to be able to work hygienically, critical medical devices must be sterile and remain so after transport and storage. In our test laboratory, we ensure that your packaging solution meets this requirement.
The fact that your packaging must keep the critical medical devices packed in it sterile is required by law. It is also medically critical, because a sterile product that is no longer sterile after transport cannot be used. The integrity of all packaging, secondary packaging, and the sterile barrier must be maintained at all times until use. This prevents microbiological contamination and minimizes the risk of infection.
In our test laboratory, we test the reliability of your medical device packaging. We look for weak points where the packaging can burst. We look under water to see if leaks are indicated by bubbles. We test the strength of the sealing seam. Sometimes just a first look at a label is enough to detect inadequacies.

Which test we perform for you is part of the consultation. It is clear from the outset that the testing equipment with which we are equipped performs these globally recognized tests reliably and reproducibly.

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Bubble test
Escaping bubbles during the bubble test under water indicate leaks in the packaging.

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Visual and digital – a label must always be legible. Otherwise it is not usable

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Dye penetration test
Blue-dyed solution running into microscopic channels indicates these weak spots.

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Peel test
Can the sealing seams be opened without major residues and in one go? How much force is required?

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Icon für Berstprüfung
Burst test
At which weak point will the packaging burst?

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Icon für Echtzeitalterung
Real-time aging
Checking the shelf life information in real time. The word is wait!

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Icon für Beschleunigte Alterung
Accelerated aging
Verification of shelf life data under laboratory conditions. Fast and still meaningful.

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Icon für Siegelnahtfestigkeit
Seal strength
Can the sealed seam withstand transport and the sterilization process and still open easily?

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Karolina Behrens
Karolina Behrens

Head of Laboratory for Shipping Simulation
Pharma & Medical

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Johanna Lipski

Johanna Lipski
M. Sc.

Deputy Head of Laboratory for Shipping Simulation
Pharma & Medical

040 / 5730 944 -26

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