The End Use Performance Standard for Corrugated Boxes

There is a need in the European corrugated packaging industry for a standard defining the strength characteristics of corrugated packaging. The End Use Performance Standard, EUPS, is based on studies of supply chain requirements. The new standard provides comprehensive performance criteria which can be applied when selecting corrugated board.

Application of the End Use Performance Standard, EUPS, when ordering or supplying corrugated board guarantees board strength. It eliminates the need to specify the paper used in a board.

  • The End Use Performance Standard, EUPS, is the first standard to define the performance of the complete corrugated box in end-use situations.
  • Only the EUPS makes it possible to compare the expected end performance of corrugated board products composed of different quality fluting and liner.
  • As the EUPS covers end-use situations it now becomes possible to optimise the cost/performance ratio when selecting corrugated board.
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